Dating A Bulgarian Woman – Strong Character and Natural Beauty

So if you’re looking for a future wife, a Bulgarian bride should be a #1 option for you. is a site where we review popular dating sites. Our goal is to help single men from Western countries who want to date and marry beautiful foreign women but don’t know enough about them. TopRussianBrides does not provide any dating services on its own. Instead, we give you something equally important — the knowledge you need to be successful in online dating. The fact is that many men are tired of constant meetings with women looking for marriage.

  • Despite the high-calorie food, hearty breakfasts and snacks, they are slim and fit.
  • Some say it is good to date a woman, who is less smart than you are or at least has the same intellectual level.
  • Communicating with a Bulgarian date will be very comfortable and relaxing.
  • Sofia, its famous capital city, has a rich history that dates back over thousands of years.
  • Therefore, if a future mother-in-law does not like you, she will do everything possible to destroy your relationship with a Bulgarian woman.

Bulgarian women generally have a strong spirit, powerful character, and self-confidence. Simultaneously, a genuine Bulgarian woman will rarely miss an opportunity to stay at home with her children. In Bulgaria, people love children, and families often raise two or three children.

All You Need To Know About Marrying Bulgarian Women

A scarf is put on her head as a symbol of her new marital status. The final ceremony of the wedding ceremony is the table which is set for all relatives and friends who took an active part in the preparation for the wedding. As a rule, this time the newlyweds themselves serve their relatives. The engagement is celebrated noisily on a grand scale.

  • Every foreigner dating Bulgarian women has noticed this feature.
  • According to the most popular researchers, Bulgaria has around one million Bulgarian women worldwide.
  • They work hard for their money and have been doing so since time immemorial.
  • In general, ladies from Bulgaria are very beautiful, no wonder they constantly reach the finals of various beauty contests.

Dating A Bulgarian Woman – Strong Character and Natural Beauty

The ambiance of a resort metropolis predisposes to creating new friends and beginning a passionate affair. So, you can imagine that dating a Bulgarian woman will make you very happy and positive. Such behavior can be explained by the fact that Bulgaria is a very sunny and warm country, which is why your date from there will be very cheerful as well. As it has been stated above, girls from this country are very affectionate and caring.

As stated before, there are a variety of things that make Bulgarian women so desirable to marry. Their self-reliant nature makes them fiercely independent yet does not take away from their nurturing side.

Bulgarian Women Features

There was a time when Bulgaria was part of the Soviet Union, and many young girls had to marry a black mold man in order to get an education. These young girls were not aware of life in a free Bulgaria, and they fell prey to the macho and strong attitude of the communist regime.

Why Are They Interested In International Dating?

Although some of these traditions aren’t followed in big cities anymore, the traditional atmosphere of celebration is still maintained. A dancing and singing part starts at the beginning of the reception, without waiting for cake cutting. The typical Bulgarian one is cheerful, loud, and emotional. People don’t think at the table, having one piece of cake after another. They literally celebrate the union of two people through positive emotions.

Expectation Of Children

It is no surprise that these women have a wide range of knowledge of their past and local attractions. is an independent review and information service.

Because Bulgarian ladies have very sexy body shapes, they gained a reputation as the most attractive beauties in the Balkans. The color of the eyes of most Bulgarian brides is brown, rarely – green. In general, ladies from Bulgaria are very beautiful, no wonder they constantly reach the finals of various beauty contests. We have decided to gather information from guys who dated and married women from this wonderful country. The stories mentioned below are from users of the most popular sites with Bulgarian mail order brides. As much as you love your woman, never show it too expressively.

Yes, they are Eastern European women, but there’s one big difference. There’s one thing that Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian girls have that Bulgarian girls do NOT have. Some men say that Bulgaria is the ugliest country in Eastern Europe.